Saturday, June 18, 2011


I just want to remind you all to join my FB page!!! You can find me at "One Saving Songbird"!!!
I post lots of daily deals on the FB page, since most of my followers are on Facebook!

Here is a deal that is too good for me to pass by and I have to share with you all!!!!

Stop & Shop has a great Gift Card deal until 6/23/11!!!!
Thanks to livingrichwithcoupons for the picture!!
If you purchase $50 in select giftcards, you will receive a $15 catalina to use on a future store purchase!!

Now the way I see it, I will be getting my next month's groceries for FREE!!
Now before I started couponing, my family would spend anywhere from $400-$600/month!! Since couponing, we only spend $120-$150/month!!! Some months are even lower if I am able to stock up on meats!! And I always buy product from a product market!!! (much cheaper than a grocery store)

We always try to budget $400/month for gas. Hubby works far away and I only drive locally during the week!

So back to Stop & Shop!!
I will be buying 8 $50 gas gift cards=$400!!!
I will receive a $15 catalina for each $50 I purchase!
That will give me $120 in catalinas, which is my monthly budget for groceries!!
So of course, I will be stocking up on MEATS and bottled water!!

This is really a deal that I can't pass up!!! And if you live near a Stop&Shop...don't pass it up either!
Make sure you check your store's policies before purchasing! I've heard rumors that this offer is only available in NJ & VA!!!

Check ACME's deal!! They have a similar offer, buy $100 in giftcards, receive a $20 catalina!! Not as good as Stop&Shop, but still good!!
Let me know how you make out!!

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