Welcome to One Saving Songbird,

First and foremost, I am a blessed woman of God!!!!
I have been married for 7 years to a wonderful husband, who is supportive of everything I do. He does keep me in line when I start to get out of hand with all of this couponing!!
I am mother to two beautiful children, ages 4 and 2, who keep me slim and trim!!!!
I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with a masters degree in Clinical Social Work. I've worked in Group homes, foster care, prison, you name it!!!
I am also a bandleader/singer with the band "Barcelona" with EBE Events and Entertainment in Philadelphia. (now I can't promise you a coupon on my singing....LOL) I am fortunate to work with some amazing people who had faith in me and my talent, and this has allowed me to stay home with my children.
So this is where my motto came from....


Well almost a year ago, we realized that we were spending so much on groceries and household items, that we weren't able to save like we wanted to.  Not to mention, most of the time, we were exceeding our monthly budget, which meant, that money had to come from somewhere else....our savings!!
A good friend of mine starting posting her coupon deals on Facebook. Well I'm not going to lie, I ignored them in the beginning....because I didn't understand. So I talked to her one day and she tried to explain what she was doing.  I still didn't understand it and it seemed very overwhelming. 
See I had tried couponing before...actually about 6 years ago. I saw a woman in ACME with a cart full of groceries, and she paid about $20.00.  So what did I do...I started buying Sunday papers, clipping coupons, ordering coupons, and started buying everything I could just so I could use a coupon. Talk about a waste of money and time.  I began spending more money than I was spending without coupons.
So another month went by and I spoke with my friend again about couponing.  She gave me some very helpful websites, but I realized it was up to ME to make the commitment to do my own research and save money for my family!
Now, almost a year later.....my husband and I have saved, literally THOUSANDS of dollars.
My eyes have FINALLY been opened to the world of couponing to not only save on groceries but to be smart about my money!!!
The idea is to take couponing, and apply it to every area of your life!!!
I am a firm believer that I should be a lender and not a borrower.  My goal is to not owe ANYBODY, ANYTHING!!!
My goal is to encourage and motivate each and every one of you to be smart about saving for your family!!
Welcome to the world of couponing!