Rite Aid was one of the first stores I began my couponing journey!!!
Visit http://www.riteaid.com/ to download and print the most recent coupon policy!! You should ALWAYS have this on you when you shop! 
Sign up for a wellness card at your Rite Aid Store!
Visit http://www.riteaid.com/ and sign up for Rite Aid's video values.  This is where you watch a short (30sec) video and are able to print a store coupon for particular items! The coupons are updated monthly.  You can combine these video value coupons with a manufacturer coupon on the SAME item to maximize your savings. 
You should also register at http://www.riteaid.com/ for the single check rebates!! I have literally made hundreds from these rebates.  You can enter all the information online, and your check will come in 4 weeks. 


Walgreens issues Register Rewards (RR), which are the store coupons that print at the end of your order. These coupons are good towards anything in the store unless stated otherwise!
Register Rewards are great but can be a bit confusing!!!

When using them combined with your manufacturer coupons, you CANNOT have more coupons than you have items in your cart!! This means, you will have to add a filler (a small inexpensive item, such as a  lollipop or piece of candy for .10 or .20). 
So you MUST have equal number of coupons and items, however, this DOES NOT pertain to the Walgreens In-Ad coupons or coupons from their Store Coupon Booklet! THIS ONLY PERTAINS TO USING REGISTER REWARDS AND MANUFACTURER COUPONS!

more to come!!!