Monday, February 28, 2011


Living Social is just like Groupon!!!! I am loving this website!!! I just purchase a $50 giftcard for $20 last week!!!!!!


I know everyone loves Target!!! And so do I!!! I always luck up and find great deals at this store with my coupons, even FREE CLOTHES!!! Target has some great coupons on their website that you can print at home. You can combine these coupons with any manufacturer coupon for the same item!!!!

Take a look at some of the great deals below!!
Visit for even more deals!!!

Remember that prices vary from store to store!! So be sure to check the prices when you get there!!!

RP=Red Plum Coupon Insert

SS= Smart Source Coupon Insert

P&G=Proctor and Gamble Coupon Insert

If you don't have some of the coupons, then visit my post about ordering coupons from

It will take about 3-4 days to receive your coupons by mail!

But most of these coupons below are Internet printable coupons...just click on the link! Target coupons are at the bottom of their webpage!
Sometimes the link may take you to a manufacturer's website and you have to register to receive a be smart about it....don't use your regular email address!! Create an email address specifically for couponing purposes...and don't give out all of your personal information!!

Be Blessed!!! and Happy Shopping

Here is one deal that I've been doing the past few months!!!
Target has the Everready batteries in the Dollar Section (usually in the front of the store)...well Everready is made by Energizer....and Energizer has a coupon for $1/1 Energizer brand what does that mean...FREE BATTERIES......and I need as many as I can get with all of these toys around here!
Now these coupons expire today, but when they are released again, I will be sure to let you guys know!!!

But here is what I plan on purchasing this week!

Excedrin Extra Strength Express Gels 20 ct $3.59

use $3/1 Excedrin Target Printable

and use $1/1 Excedrin Printable
Free after coupons

Benefiber 16 ct Stick Packs $5.49

buy 2 and use (2) $3/1 Benefiber Target Printableand

use $5/2 Benefiber Products 2-27-11 Smartsource insert
Free after coupons

Kellogg’s Cereal, Select - $2.50
use $1/1 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal 10.8 oz or Larger Target Printable

and use $1/1 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal, 10.8 Oz. +, Any – 01-23-11 Red Plum Insert

or $1/1 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal

$0.50 each after coupon

Halls Cough Drops 30 ct - $1.19
$0.50/1 Halls Cough Drops 30 ct Target Web Printable Coupon

and use $0.50/1 Halls Cough Drops Printable Coupon use zipcode 90210

as low as $0.19 each after coupons

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid 25 oz. - $2.69
Seventh Generation Various Spray Cleaners and Wipes $2.99
Seventh Gen. Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner 28 oz. $2.79

use $1/1 Seventh Generation Target Web Printable Coupon
and use $1/1 Seventh Generation Product 01-23-11 RP
or use $1/1 Seventh Generation Household or Personal Care Product

as low as $0.69 each after coupons

Garnier Select Nutritioniste 25 ct NutriPure Towelettes - $4.69
use $2/1 Garnier Skin Care Item Target Printable
and use $2/1 Garnier Moisturizer or Cleanser 2-20-11 Parade Magazine or
$2/1 Garnier Cleanser Or Moisturizer – 12-05-10 RP

$0.69 each after coupons

Up & Up All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach - $1.47
use $1/1 Up & Up Cleaning Item ETS Target Printable
$0.47 each after coupon

Up & Up 55 yds Mint Waxed Floss - $0.89
Single Toothbrush $1.29
Mouthwash 16.9 oz $1.37
use $1/1 Up & Up Oral Care Item Target Printable
as low as free after coupon

Up & Up Pain Reliever 24 ct - $0.99
use $1/1 Up & Up Pain Reliever Target Printable
FREE after coupon

Up & Up 20 ct PantiLiners - $0.89
use $0.75/1 Up & Up™ Feminine Care Target Printable\
$0.12 cents after coupon

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here are all the FREE Rite Aid Deals this week that I will be purchasing!!!

Remember...with any can combine a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item!! Always have the store's coupon policy with you! I will start adding these to the blog in the future!

Afrin – $5.99 Get $2 UPR
Use $3/1 coupon from the 2/6 SmartSource insert
Plus use $2/1 Rite Aid printable
Free plus overage after coupons and UPR

Nivea Lip Care – $1
Buy 2 and use $2/2 printable
Free after coupon

Sambucol Tablets – $1
Use $1/1 printable
Free after coupon

Reach Floss – $0.99
Use $1/1 coupon from the 12/12 RedPlum insert
Free after coupon

Visit Shannon @ to see the full list of Rite Aid matchups!


Ok, For all of you who love snacks!!!!!!!
It's a win-win week at Rite Aid!
Today I purchased
3 Lays Stax Chips- on sale for $1.00 each
4 Combos (these are the big bags..reg. price $2.99) on sale for $1.00

Total- $7.00
You will received a $1 UPR (up reward...which are coupons you can use on ANYTHING in the store) for each bag of chips or combos you buy!! This is an unadvertised deal!! But trust me...IT WORKS!!!!
I received $7 UPR----FREE
Make sure you sign up for a Rite Aid Rewards has tons of benefits and this is how you get the sale prices!!!

What I typically do at Rite Aid is take my uprewards and purchase items I really need!
But I always take my UPR and purchase items that are on sale with an UPR...that way...I keep rolling the UPR over and over again...(i hope that makes sense)

Have a blessed and saving week!!!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I try to take 1-2 days/week to get my shopping done.

Thanks to Cindy @ for posting the Shoprite deals.

Well this week and next week, Shoprite is having their dollar days event! They have items on sale in each category. The deal is---purchase x amount of items in each category and you will receive $12 ($3 for each week in March) in store coupons/money (these are called catalinas and will print at the end of your order)! These store coupons can be used towards ANYTHING in stores!!!

Another thing to mention is this....A GREAT COUPONER STOCKS UP ON ITEMS...PRETTY MUCH HAVING A 3 MONTH SUPPLY OF ITEMS! THE KEY IS.....when an item goes on sale and the price is cheap or nearly stock up on that item so you don't have to go back to the store for 3 months!! Sales usually happen every 3 months on a particular item!

So this is a great example of how I use coupons on meat/produce or items that do not have coupons available!

So after visiting Cindy's site and using her coupon matchups and making my own deals, I ordered the coupons I needed from ebay! I wanted to do some of the deals more than once since they were huge moneymakers. And trust me, my family (and my sisters) will eat everything on this table!!

So here it goes--My entire Shoprite deal was done in 2 days

Monday-- I did 3 transactions (these items aren't pictured)

Trans. 1

2 Kashi Cereal- 2.99 each

3 Kashi Granola Bars-2.99 each

total b/f coupons- $14.95

used 4 $2/1 Kashi coupon

total- $6.95

received $12 catalina ($5.05 moneymaker)

Trans. 2 and 3 were the same

5- Kashi crackers - $2.50 each

Total b/f coupons- $12.50

use 4-$2/1 Kashi

Total- $4.50

received $12 catalina ($7.50 MM)

Friday's trip

I did 5 transactions

Trans. 1 and 2 (I did 3 Dollar Day Deals for each)

5-Kashi Lean Protein Bars- $1.29 each

1- Dove Deodorant- $2.49

6-Ragu Pasta Sauce- 1.33 each

4-Dole Fruit Crisp- $2.00 each

3- Dole Fruit Jars- $2.50 each (trans. 2..only purchased 2 fruit jars)

2- Blue Bunny Root Beer Ice Cream Bars- $1.49 each

2- Blue Bunny Chocolate Bars- $2.19 each

Coupons Used--

4- $2/1 Kashi

1- $2.00 Dove Deo

3- $.75/2 Ragu (these doubled to $1.50)

4- $.75/1 Dole Fruit Crisp(double to 1.50)

3- .75/1 Dole Fruit Jar (doubled to 1.50)

2- $2/1 Blue Bunny

2- $2/1 Blue Bunny (adjusted down to $1.49 for the root beer bars)

Total after coupons- Trans. 1$11.68

Trans. 2 -total was $9.77

Received -$36.00 in catalinas ($24.32 MM) and ($26.23 MM for trans. 2)

Trans. 3 (I did 3 deals)

2- Motts Applesauce - $1.50 each

6- Motts Applejuices- $2.00 each

6- Ragu- $1.33 each

1- Dove- $2.49

2- Hunts BBQ sauce- $1.33 each

4- Dole Fruit Crisp- $2.00 each

2- Dole Fruit Jar- $2.50 each

1- Friskies Pet Food- $.50

3- Furlanis Garlic Bread- $.69 each

2- Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars- $2.49 each

Coupons Used--

$5.00 Store Coupon I had from a few weeks ago

3- $.75/3 (doubled)

1- $2/1 Dove Deo

4- $.75/1 dole crisp (doubled)

2- $.75/1 dole fruit jar (doubled)

2- $2/1 blue bunny

Total after coupons- $23.67

Received $36 catalinas ($12.33 MM)

Trans. 4 (I did 2 deals)

6- Dole Fruit Jars- $2.50 each

6- Ragu - $1.33 each

1- Dove Deo- $2.49

Coupons used

6- $.75/1 dole fruit bowls)--only 4 doubled to $1.50

3- $.75/2 Ragu-doubled

1-$2/1 dove deo

Total- 11.67---

received$24.00 catalina (12.33 MM)

Trans. 5-- (2 deals)

6- Ragu -$1.33 each

1- Dove Deo- $2.49

3-Dole Fruit Crisp- $2.00 each

3- Dole Fruit Jars- $2.50 each


3- $.75/2 Ragu (doubled)

3- $.75/1 Dole crisp (doubled)

3- .75/1 Dole fruit jar (doubled)

1- $2/dove

total- $7.92

received $24.00 cat ($16.08 MM)

Whew....that only took 1.5 hours to do at the grocery store!!!!!

There are other items in the picture that I purchased from Giant and Rite Aid

like the smart balance milk...on sale at Giant for $2.69 and I used $1.50/1 smart balance coupon--$1.19 each...I purchased 5 (we drink 2 half gallons/week)

The uncle bens rice was $1.50 at Giant and I had $1/1 Uncle Bens coupons...$.50 each.....that's a stock up price and we eat brown rice with almost every meal around here!

I also had a rain check for Hungry Jack Pancake Mix...$1.69/ 5- they deduct $5 I only paid $3.45 for 5 boxes=$.69/box! (that's with no coupons)

Rite Aid--3 transactions

L'oreal youth code--29.99

used $10 L'oreal Rite Aid coupon (watch their 30second video)

$3 L'oreal Manufacturer coupon

$3/15 coupon from Rite Aid (they emailed it to me)

$4 in UPR from a previous purchase

Total was $9.99

received $10 in UPR for purchasing this item

will submit for the $10 L'oreal Rebate-

$20 Moneymaker

Trans. 2--

1 Huggies Pullups-8.99

1 Huggies Diapers-8.99

used $2 Huggies Rite Aid Video Coupon

$2 Pullups Coupon

$2 Diapers Coupon

Used $10 UPR from previous transaction

Total $1.98 (for 2 packs of diapers)

received 2- $2 UPR for purchasing these items

Trans. 3

1 Benefiber Sticks -$5.99

1 Air Head- .18

used $3.00 Benefiber coupon

$1 Benefiber Rite Aid coupon

$2 UPR from previous transaction

Paid $.15

will submit for the Rite Aid Benefiber Rebate $3.00

$2.85 Moneymaker!!!!!

So here is my summary---


$80.65 Spent

$192 Catalinas Received

16 Free Reusable Bag Coupons Received --valued at $1.00 each

$111.35 +$16.00 =$127.35 Moneymaker---I will use this store money to stock up on meats and produce and whatever else I need during the month of March

I also spent $14.32 purchasing all of the coupons

so $113.03 Moneymaker---

Stay tuned for next's weeks deals............

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Weekly Shopping Trips--2/20-2/26

I will update this list at the end of the week!

But here goes,

Sunday--Rite Aid
1 Huggies Jumbo Diapers- $8.99
2- Courier Newspapers- $1.40 each (I get 20% discount on all non-sale items at Rite Aid with my wellness card)--visit for more info
1 Huggies Pullups-$8.99
coupons used
$3/1 Huggies Diapers (printed from
Free Pullups Coupon-deducted $8.99 (I was selected to host a pullups house party and received this coupon)(
$2.00/1 Huggies coupon from video values (you watch 30second videos and print coupons) this is a store coupon that you can combine with a manufacturer's coupon
I used $6 UPR (uprewards) I earned from some of my last week's purchases (see for more info regarding this)
my total OOP (out of pocket) cost was $.79
and I received $4 UPR
You earn $2 UPR for each pack of Huggies Diapers or Pullups that you purchase
so technically, I made money off of this

More shopping trips coming....stay tuned!


Welcome to my blog!!! I've tried blogging before and never went very far with it!
Since I've been couponing for a while now, I've decided to take another stab at it!
So many people continue to ask how I save so much money, and where I find my Here it is...Finally!
I have been doing this 8 months now and this has truly been a huge FINANCIAL blessing to my family.
Before couponing, we budgeted a certain amount for groceries/clothes/household items/gifts, and always went WAY over the budget! At the end of each month, we would literally start counting the days until my husband got paid again, becuase we would start "borrowing" from our savings account.
And then my friend Feona began to post on Facebook about her savings. It took me a few weeks to get the hang of it, and once I did..........JACKPOT!!
We began watching our savings increase and our house become filled with TONS of groceries/household items. Our grocery/household budget has decreased $350-400/month.

I realize how much a blessing couponing has been for me and I just want to share the blessing with YOU!
This has become more than just a hobby! This is now a way of life for me. I have learned that I must be a good steward over my money. I have seen so many changes in my spending habits and my goal is to be 100% DEBT FREE!

I owe my husband and children so many thank you's, because my husband tolerates me shopping and filling every cabinet and closet in this house.
My kids LOVE shopping with me and they think "couponing" is a game! I give my son fake coupons which he tries to give to the cashiers..LOL

But since so many of you ask about my deals, I will try to post all of my weekly deals and pictures, and will direct you to all of my favorite blogs.

So for now, ENJOY!


When I first started couponing, it took me a few months to find my favorite blogs for the stores I shop. After doing research, I learned that most of these sites are connected to one another.
So this is how I plan my shopping week.
Every Saturday, new deals are posted for each store. The bloggers WILL NOT tell you everything that's on sale for the week, but they will list the best deals! Just remember, if there is a coupon, then that item WILL go on sale! THe key is to be organized!! Do not purchase something that is NOT on sale with a coupon.

So I go thru each store's deals and see who has the best deals for the week! I then make a list of all the coupons I need, and make a list of any coupons I need to order.
I usually purchase 2 newspapers every Sunday and order any additional coupons I need. Yes, there are websites you can order coupons from. You just pay a handling fee and shipping! It is very convenient! And of course you can print coupons on the internet! JUST REMEMBER...DO NOT MAKE PHOTOCOPIES OF COUPONS!! THIS IS ILLEGAL!

So while making my list, I ask these questions.....
Do I need it?
If I don't need it, will it give me money back? Meaning, can I get it for free and will it give me store credit or store bucks that I can turn around and buy something I need?
Is it Free? and if its free its for ME!!!!LOL

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how I plan my shopping!
Remember, with anything, things take time! So, it takes time to learn this system. But your end result with be SO WORTH it!

Below are my favorite sites for ordering coupons!!!! is my favorite site for Shoprite deals and some of the drugstores! ----This is where I order my coupons ---I order coupons from this site too! (shipping is cheaper but she doesn't have as many coupons as coupondede) -------they have TONS of coupons but in a much larger quantities